Walter Ostanek

      Canada ’s Polka King,” Walter Ostanek, is also one of the pre-eminent leaders of polka music in the United States . This internationally known accordionist has been a twenty year guest of WEWS’ Polka Variety Show and guest on the “Johnny Carson” and “ Lawrence Welk” shows. Ostanek was inducted in the International Polka Association Hall of Fame in 1983 and received the “Song of the Year” award from this group in 1989. He has been a Grammy nominee in 1986, 1988 and 1989. Walter Ostanek has performed on radio as an announcer/musician in the United States and Canada for twenty-seven years. Some of the stations on which he has been heard are WWOL, WXRL, WADV, WDOE Radio, WKBW and WGR TV, all in New York State . <>